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out-of-stock New Stainless Steel Bruce Style Anchor 66 lb

The 66 lb (30 Kg) Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316, Precision Cast bruce style boat anchor, which is one of the most popular anchors among cruisers. Its unique design always engages the buttom ad digs in, so it stays buried as the boat swings. It stows easily on a bow roller and will set quickly. If it is dislodged, it also resets quickly. It is made of stainless steel without welde or moving parts, and is precision cast then polished to a mirror finish. This anchor is for boats under 75'.

A= 32-1/8"

B= 16-3/4"

C= 21-3/4"

D= 18-1/8"

MPD_604mRegular price: $1,677.89Sale price: $699.86