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out-of-stock New Stainless Steel Delta Style Anchor 11 lb

This delta style anchor is constructed of premium Stainless Steel with a polished finish and weigh 11 lbs (5 kg), a beautiful anchor! The Deltas have: 1) A reinforcing bar located near the end of the blades that maintains precise geometry at high loads. 2) The trip line attachment positioned to assist easy retrieval in case of snags. 3) A geometric design of the blade that provides absolute stability and high holding power. 4) An apex that has high stability ballasting for correct seabed orientation and optimum penetration. 5) A fixed eye that accommodates all universal chain and rope-end fittings.This anchor is for boats under 22'

A= 17"

B= 14"

C= 10"

D= 10"

MPD_605cRegular price: $369.99Sale price: $143.99