out-of-stock  New Stainless Steel Tack Shackle w/Clevis 5" Warranty

Brand new 316 New Stainless Steel Tack Shackle w/Clevis with warranty, which is highly polished finish for outstanding corrosion resistance and smooth jam-free operation. . This Tack Shackle w/Clevis is designed for maximum strength with smooth, jam-free operation. Its enlarged thoroat and hinge area handles shaer and twisting movement effectively. The smooth shackle arc prevents jamming against pad eyes or sail grommets to permit easy attachment and release.Pull pins have heavy-duty springs to resist accidental openings. This Tack Shackle w/Clevis measures 5" in length and has a breaking strength of 5000lbs. The diameter of pin is 3/8", the width of the opening that the pin goes through is 3/4"

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